Fokker DR I WIP

(niewiesznic) #1

new image of the fokker!:
look at my last message…

the image lacks threw things , like guns, cockpit, details on connection with the wings , engine, etc…

so here is the image …:

comments are always welcomed.


(LohnS) #2

Lokking great =D. If i could suggest anything it would just be that the main hull looks very plasticy, maybe a bit if a rougher texture or som material messin around with.

But man thats cool =D

(paradox) #3

I agree it does look a little like a plastic plane (unless it is a plastic plane)
I suggest turning down the spec a bit. But at any rate is a very cool looking plane. Can’t wait to see it finished.

(niewiesznic) #4

here is a little update. so far the Blend file has 1,6 Mb. …
without the textures packed.

and the better shot:

look at the engine, that little bastard took me whole day…:stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for comments, any new are welcomed.


(ray_theway) #5

Looks really good - I wouldn’t have the patience to make planes!
The rudder looks a bit small. I think it’s supposed to be about half the size of the elevator surface (a least by eyeballing it :o :slight_smile: )
See here:
Good texturing job, too.

A few small Q’s. How did you get the striations in the wings? and How many poly’s?

Looking great. :wink:

(VelikM) #6

Nice job of modeling! The material does look like plastic, it would be all right if it was painted with Emron but I don’t think they had it in that period. :-?

(niewiesznic) #7

It seems that i cant find a way to do this airplane look more METAL…
Any tips???

any formula on numerical values for material ???



(niewiesznic) #8

uuuppppsss… i made the mistake, the air plane was created from metal (engine cover and part where pilot was seating , partially ) and the textille on the wooden skelet of the airplane.and then painted.

i dont know how to achieve BELIEVABLE look on this…



(Nayman) #9

yeah from about halfway past the cockpit, you have to acheive the stretched canvass over wood look.

Make a cylinder with some hard egdes, so it looks like lengtwise hard planks run underneath. Giv it a hard canvass bumpmap, and then add some soft specularity. Take away some reflextivness and sprt.

Should look awsome then.

Also, the engine looks a little small to me…

Just a comment.

Looksm good!

(niewiesznic) #10

the engine.yes, i know, but its A FAKE, i couldnt find the detailed photo or drawing, so i created it , so it could look like real…


(niewiesznic) #11

here it is. (almost done).

(niewiesznic) #12

no.i made it from blueprints.its exactly like that.

dont know how many polys.i have to split object to make detailed textures.
the /blend file has almost 2 mb (without textures packed).
The details on wings are achieved by bump texture painted directly by me :slight_smile: