Fokker Spin

(Rik) #1

My first finished project posted on elysiun :smiley:
Rendered with Blender internal:

Comments and crit are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

You can view my other Blender images here (thanks for watching :wink: )

(Spin) #2

You called me WHAT? :x Fokker? Meet the Fokkers, Spin? :o

Wow, nice rendering. If this was posted anywhere else, I’d assume that it was a photograph. nice job. Lots of skinny and thin meshing.

“Boy, that sky looks exactly like the same sky in my gas station rendering.”

(mzungu) #3

Hey, just be glad your first name’s not Martha… or Gaylord! :wink:

Great work, Rik. I would add a little (shadow-less) lighting underneath to simulate ambient illumination from below - will also help bump out the excellent details of your model. Very nice work! Now it just needs a Sidewinder trailing in from off-camera-left… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rik) #4

Thanks for your crits :slight_smile:

mzungu, like this? (probably to much light :-? ) :

(mzungu) #5

Yes! Much better (I think) and like Spin said, closer to photoreal. Good work!

(cerin) #6

Can you say “historical accuracy”?

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(cohort) #7

Interesting – an airplane flying about with no pilot…

(Dwarfose) #8

good work- very realistic looking :smiley:

(smurf23) #9

Verry good but I would like a little light to come through the wing material. See if you can figure that out.

(qwe) #10

The Fokker was a triplane, and that doesn’t look anything like it. The model is good, but inaptly named.


(sketchy) #11

Fokker was an aircraft designer, and he designed more than just triplanes.

back on topic

Nice images Rik. I think it would look really sharp with a pilot and in sepia tones. :smiley:

(AniCator) #12

you are new on elysiun

but i think your experience is higher as mine in the beginning

:wink: KEEP IT UP :wink:

(Rik) #13

The aircraft I modeled is a Fokker Spin, Fokker’s first aircraft :wink:
You can find more information here and images here
(My reference was a paper model that I have )

That’s a good idea (but I’ve never moddeled a human… and if I try to make one, it will be very ugly… that’s why I didn’t put a pilot in it :P)

I also thought about that, but forgot to make it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your positive comments and tips :slight_smile:

(AniCator) #14

!!maybe use for the wings the subsurface scattering plugin!!

(mzungu) #15

That’s a good idea (but I’ve never moddeled a human… and if I try to make one, it will be very ugly… that’s why I didn’t put a pilot in it :P)[/quote]
Eh… they had radio control in those days, didn’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you post-pro the prop blur, or was that part of the render? It just seems like its a little off perspective-wise (the “ellipse” of the blur seems a little tilted clockwise)

I think the second image gives this impression quite well, tho I agree that it could be tweaked some more.

I’d still love to see this baby in a dogfight with an F-22, or somesuch… (anyone else love the old cheesy movie “The Final Countdown”?)

(Rik) #16

the rotation-blur of the propellor is post-pro (done with Photoshop) :wink:
the ellipse is id a bit off perspective %|

(qwe) #17

ahahaha. Shows how much I know :slight_smile:

carry on :wink: