Fokker Spin

My first finished project posted on elysiun :smiley:
Rendered with Blender internal:

Comments and crit are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

You can view my other Blender images here (thanks for watching :wink: )

You called me WHAT? :x Fokker? Meet the Fokkers, Spin? :o

Wow, nice rendering. If this was posted anywhere else, I’d assume that it was a photograph. nice job. Lots of skinny and thin meshing.

“Boy, that sky looks exactly like the same sky in my gas station rendering.”

Hey, just be glad your first name’s not Martha… or Gaylord! :wink:

Great work, Rik. I would add a little (shadow-less) lighting underneath to simulate ambient illumination from below - will also help bump out the excellent details of your model. Very nice work! Now it just needs a Sidewinder trailing in from off-camera-left… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your crits :slight_smile:

mzungu, like this? (probably to much light :-? ) :

Yes! Much better (I think) and like Spin said, closer to photoreal. Good work!

Can you say “historical accuracy”?

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Interesting – an airplane flying about with no pilot…

good work- very realistic looking :smiley:

Verry good but I would like a little light to come through the wing material. See if you can figure that out.

The Fokker was a triplane, and that doesn’t look anything like it. The model is good, but inaptly named.


Fokker was an aircraft designer, and he designed more than just triplanes.

back on topic

Nice images Rik. I think it would look really sharp with a pilot and in sepia tones. :smiley:

you are new on elysiun

but i think your experience is higher as mine in the beginning

:wink: KEEP IT UP :wink:

The aircraft I modeled is a Fokker Spin, Fokker’s first aircraft :wink:
You can find more information here and images here
(My reference was a paper model that I have )

That’s a good idea (but I’ve never moddeled a human… and if I try to make one, it will be very ugly… that’s why I didn’t put a pilot in it :P)

I also thought about that, but forgot to make it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your positive comments and tips :slight_smile:

!!maybe use for the wings the subsurface scattering plugin!!

That’s a good idea (but I’ve never moddeled a human… and if I try to make one, it will be very ugly… that’s why I didn’t put a pilot in it :P)[/quote]
Eh… they had radio control in those days, didn’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you post-pro the prop blur, or was that part of the render? It just seems like its a little off perspective-wise (the “ellipse” of the blur seems a little tilted clockwise)

I think the second image gives this impression quite well, tho I agree that it could be tweaked some more.

I’d still love to see this baby in a dogfight with an F-22, or somesuch… (anyone else love the old cheesy movie “The Final Countdown”?)

the rotation-blur of the propellor is post-pro (done with Photoshop) :wink:
the ellipse is id a bit off perspective %|

ahahaha. Shows how much I know :slight_smile:

carry on :wink: