Fold a T-shirt in 2 Secs !?

how ,? ??

i tried it and didn’t ever do it !!! :o

Great link 3d “g”

huh!!>. u need practise to do it dude… its cant done just after watching a movie… loll…

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Did you see the video explaining the process? That might help:

enzo , thanks …

More t-shirt fun.

From dork to awesome.:eek:

ninjas RULE!

Nah. Pirates would win any day.

no way, zombies are where its at

you cant even kill them =P

Zombies and ninjas and pirates would all be pwned by a 7th level Paladin.

Zombies and ninjas and pirates and 7th level Paladin would be pawned by any blenderhead .

Any blenderhead would be owned by a lumberjack.

Even a Nerd could win over a lumberjack…

Dont blenderheads count as nerds? in that case a blenderhead could be pwned by a lumberjack, which could in turn be pwned by a nerd, but blenderheads are nerds, so why don’t they just pwn that lumberjack that is pwning them?

I propose its because they are busy waiting for their scenes to render. :yes:

But in the question of whether pirates or ninjas win, just look at them today. The pirates are still baffling major big business, and the ninjas - well - they are good at stealth, arent they, cuz I dont see any…

No way. A lumberjack will chop your face in two. Be it with an axe or chainsaw.

Now when you encounter vikings. Then you’re fucked.

They’re basically lumberjacking pirates.

I prefer lumberjacking ninja hippies, they are the pwniest

ja this is a nice one

ja this is a nice one

Sien se duetcher ?
~ i’m just learning German …

yes iam a german^^

and you hate to be asked about your nationality, as i can see in your tutorial post about GE^^