Folder shadows

Hi, This is my first lighting doubt. I am happy that I got to this point. I am trying to draw a folder icon as beautiful as this ( without the download button )


I drew the shape and added colours in Blender 2.82a. But shadows and gradient lighting is not easy for me. It would be great to have some guidance there.

att 2 b

As you can see, it is dark. It is possible for me to make it bright. But not sure how to make the folder stay in vivid lighting. Thanks.

I am swinging between the bright and dark lighting. Please see below


me change

I would be thrilled to get something like this from Blender, without using local editing. It is a bit washed out, but still interesting

blue green  change 4 Glimpse

Cycles give more bright out than Eevee. After many trial and errors, I got this far

Used Cycles to render. In some cases, Cycle is giving grainy output. Inside Blender, even Eevee looks bright and illuminated. But once I render it out and compare with other folder icons, the output looks like a low quality art.