Folding cardboard

Hi all,

I am very new to Blender, so I would like to now if it is possible to make such an animation like this display:

If it is possible, it would be great!

Furthermore I’ve tried to make a 3D out of a SVG file of a cardboard part, but I can’t change this lines into a 3d with I think extrude is the best way and maybe shift K? And then use a armature to rotate it at the dieline? Maybe it is very is easy in Blender, but I just started yesterday, so I have to learn a lot.
I’ve added the Illustrator and Blender file:

Would anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!

This is very easy to make and animate. You won’t need an Armature. Just animate the display.
Watch some tutorials for basic UV unwrapping and animation.
Happy Blendering

Nice to hear that it is possible!!
When I import it in blender, I can not make a mesh of it, what do I wrong?