Folds and wrinkles in clothing

I’m trying to create content (clothing) for Poser and Daz 3D characters. I’ve managed to get the basic item modeled just fine, but it’s when it comes to adding wrinkles and folds where I get a bit frustrated.
Here’s my model:

I’ve been able to place some solds in clothing, but not in the middle of a garment, only at the end:
I know, not a brilliant render, but hey, we’re talking Firefly.

My question is: does anyone know of any good tutes or suggestions on doing folds in clothing? I did a search on here, and saw some brilliant work by Mr Bomb, but he wasn’t sharing…

Observe the cloth foldings in real life or pictures.
Because your clothes have high polygonal resolution, you may try to model the foldings with the Sculpt tool (Add, Substracts, Pinch, Grab etc. options).

Interesting, how do you create props for DAZ (escpecially clothes and hair) that bend with the body?
I have Aiko 3 base, but she is pretty boring with that bald head and red catsuit :slight_smile:

I’ll have a play with that - the sculpt tool. I thought it was all moving pixels with proportional edit, and I hadn’t a clue how to get it right. Thanks for the pointer.

You need a bit of hair and make some items for her. There is a fair bit of free stuff on Renderosity:

and if you did a search just for Aiko 3, you’d find:

348 free items, including hair. For the ao dai, I actually took the model offered on this free stuff area and modified it for V4… apparently, that’s cool to do.

Here’s what I’ve been able to do so far - once the items’s modeled, I export as Wavefront .obj, which I then run through PhilC’s OBJ2CR2 Poser utility available here:

and here’s a discussion I had with the software author himself worth glancing over, since it involves importing items from Blender to Poser:

In zero pose, the ao dai looked pretty good, and I could even bend the arms a bit, but flexing the forearm brought me grief. To let that happen, I’ll need to find a means to get morph targets for those joints. I’ve found magnets awkward and difficult to use, but then, there’s this tutorial here:

by Yanelis 3D which seems to hold the key to making conforming clothing work properly for V4 who is the character I have invested in.

Thanks! I already know about some of the links. I thought you’ve found an easy way :wink:

Anyway, back to the topic - have you seen this thread?

Using softbodies for cloth simulation mite be good alternative!