So. I’m making a wierd character just to practice animating, but am having some problems with the weight painting. Bascally it’s a giant eyeball with one leg, but I am having some problems with the eyelids. When I move them they fold over them selves. I’m guessing this is a problem with the weight painting, but I have never really used weight paint before. So are there any tutorials, or does someone wanna do the eyelids for me?

The question would be:

Where is the pivot ponit of the bone controlling the eyelids??

The base of this bone shoud be in the center of the eye.

For doing this, you should snap the cursor to the center of the eye, most likely the center of the eye object. If you are not sure if the center of the object is aligned to the mesh, select the eye and click the ¨Center Ne¨ button in the mesh panel. Then, hit CTRL+S and select the ¨Cursor to Selection¨option.
Afterward, select the eyelid bone, go to edit mode, select the root of the bone and hit CTRL+S again, but now choose the ¨Selection to Cursor¨ option. You may have to realign the rotation of the bone with CTRL+N.

Hope this helps!

If this doesn´t solve the issue por your blend file.

Ya the pivot point is in the center of the eye. I have no clue how to fix it.



eyeball monster.blend (306 KB)

eyeball monster2.blend (95.1 KB)

I´ve uploaded a modified version of your monster.

I hope it is the effect that you wanted.

What I did was to gradually overlap the weights of the eyelids bones with the weight of the head bone.

As you can see, I also activated the Quaternion option in the bone settings to preserve the volume in the deformation.

Weight painting is about overlapping weights basically.

Ok I will study that when I get home. (I’m in computer science right now). Thank you very much.

Wow!! That’s awesome!! Thank you so much!!