Foliage Test

I quickly wipped up a hillside and a bunch of bushes. I am practising getting my bushes to look just right for any games in the future. Tell me what you think.
(sorry no screenshots)
Sorry im having trouble uploading

OK. Here it is.

Please give feedback, good or bad.

wow very neat thanks for sharing

Need to clean up the black edges on some of those plants, otherwise they look decent. Are you working at a higher resolution? Is there a reason for combining the maps the way you did? I only ask because I’ll be starting something similar in the next few days.

I’ve been sourcing most of my textures from but I’m not seeing many good plants in profile there.

Ya i am having trouble cleaning up the black edges. But i have looked at grass in several games and if you look closely, the grass in many good games have black edges too. It is definetely something to work on though
Thanks, and keep posting.