follow a path in 2.69

the object seems to enjoy following the path so much
when it gets to the end it goes back to the start and follows it again.
how do i tell it once is enough
when it gets to the end STOP!
thanks all


bouncing log2.blend (552 KB)

c’mon guys SOMEBODY must know!

I can see no reason why this should happen if you RENDER the animation (Blender just renders from your start to end frames once), if you just press Play (ALT+A), Blender keeps cycling around the animation frames ad infinitum until you stop it (ALT+A again). It’s all in the basic manual for Play…

Also, the method you have used is not the best - just add a curve mod to the red object, then keyframe its movement from one end of the curve to the other is a far better method than using the Generator F-Curve Mod, particularly if you don’t set its frame range…

Cheers, Clock.

thanks Clock
what i need is to do things in the animation BEFORE the log moves and after it.
looks like i will need to make separate videos for each!
what am i missing?

Read my last post properly… change the way you do this to using a curve mod or follow path constraint then you can keyframe the movement where you want it in your animation. Why did you use generate mod in the first place???

Cheers, Clock

Why did you use generate mod in the first place??? never having heard of Generate mod, i can only assume it is a default
so it looks like there is no way of having something happening and THEN let this animation do its thing, then do something else
thanks Clock for your patience

This is my last guess at what you did… I presume you clicked the Apply button on the follow path, you need to start again and NOT DO THIS, also tell me exactly what you did, this is not a guessing game…

Cheers, Clock.

thanks Clock