Follow a path in real-time

Is there any way an object can be set to follow a path in realtime? Without IPOS? Thanks!

Currently, I don’t think so, but you never know what the devs might cook up overnight ;).
You could, though, add nodes at key points in the path and use MMPH!'s method.

You can do something like this, with “checkpoints”

The script follows a series of cubes named Cube.00x where x is the next number in the sequence. This is nice because if you want to extend your path, you just duplicate the cube and it’ll be automatically appended to the path.

Let me know if you have questions.



easycheckpoint.blend (165 KB)

You mean using a path to drive an animation? Personally, I just use a script to convert my paths to IPOs to use them in the GE. Why don’t you want to use an IPO?

Basically becuase I’d like objects to run along the path, but be able to be stopped / bounce back etc. It would be a cool feature :). The Sambassadors method looks cool though, I shall have to give that a go…

You could use IPO’s, couldn’t you? I mean, I’m not sure, but I think if you were to, say, stop an object in the middle of an IPO, it’s position would be saved, so you could have the object stop and bounce back…
I guess that you could ALSO assign the object to an armature and give it an action that moves the object; this way, you could change the actions of the armature for different paths…

The system i have used on my train uses ipo’s but in conjunction with an ipo actuator and the python script i hooked up it is like a train or rollercoaster totally free to roll up and down and do it’s thing gravity wise.
Or another way to look at it,you can use the ipo actuator, ipo’s and control the position anywhere along that path with one variable that could be saved as a text file like any of the game state save scripts you can find by searching the forums.
If you use the script Blendozo is talking about it the path is really quick and easy to set up. You can find a version along with my train at

Dr S