Follow a path problem

path problem.blend (1.8 MB)

A: why is the shape leaning?

B: also the images is not along the shape.

should i have used a curve instead of a path?
thanks for your kind help
I use 2.69 but later versions would probably work.

check if it works modified like that. I repositioned the two objects and applied location and scale to both of them. then, under the properties of path, i set the type of Tilt to Z-up.
path problem_2.blend (1.3 MB)

thanks for your great help.
any idea why it does not render correctly?

It could have been a problem of blender versions between 2.6x and 2.7x
Geometry should now be fixed. I removed double vertices too.
path problem_2.blend (2.0 MB)

Robi, you sure know about blender.
I now see it
any idea why the image is not evenly distributed along the object?
it is an image that is repeated.
thanks for your help

What controls the distribution of the image is the UV layout, so I would start from there.
Then, maybe that the nodes of your path aren’t evenly distributed (I didn’t check that tho).
If it’s the case, some areas of the image could be stretched and others could be compressed.
One possible solution to have the nodes evenly spaced alongthe path could be to Alt - C and convert the path to a mesh, enter edit mode, select all and using the loop tools addon select “space vertices”.
Or use Scripts -> Mesh -> Geom Tools -> select “distribute: verts”. After that, redo the UV unwrap.
Consider that this way the path won’t be editable as a path anymore. It can be again converted to curve with Alt - C, but I would make a duplicate of it before trying this operations, just in case.

Or you can check here for a script to normalize the curve:

thank you very much for your help