Follow a Path

Hello, i have searched for a basic tutorial on how to get an object to follow a path in the GE. I couldn’t find any. So how would i make an object (for me its a boat) follow a path around my scene (a harbor) and keep on looping. For me I’m using it to add detail in the background of my game.
How would i go about doing this.
{edit} I Figured it out. could a admin delete this thread}

Or you could post how you solved your problem and mark the thread as solved. This way people can find it in the search. :wink:

Excellent suggestion, Moguri. For others stumbling upon this, and maybe you also coonerboy, this may prove helpful:

I would still like to see your solution coonerboy.

me too needing a solution; there was a tutorial like this, but it only worked in rendered animations, not in the game engine. So how can you get it to work that an object follows a path? It does not need to be AI for bots, but rather a sun rotating around a scene in circles or something like that…

OK so you can do it two ways (as far as i know). You could parent your object too a bone (armature) and just make the armature follow a path. Set it so it always plays the animation in a continuous loop. Or i pretty sure you could use IPO to move it around.

I also run in that kind of truble, but I found a useful script made by Dave Jarvis; I’m not 100% sure if it’s still funcional.