Follow Active Quads gives skewed results

I’m following a Blender Cloud tutorial. Now I’m unwrapping all the game asset elements. The guy in the tutorial uses Follow Active Quads to unwrap one piece, and it gives a nice, straight, rectangular result. But when I reach this point, and choose Follow Active Quads, I get a totally messed up-skewed result. I’m attaching a screengrab of what I have and the blend file. How to get a straight result? (I tried to change the method of Follow Active Quads, but it won’t help)


cone-13.blend (633 KB)

Choosing next face which is closer to square shape and aligning it’s unwrap first gives expected result here:

From my experience “Follow Active Quads” works better sometimes if you reset the UVs first. So:
U > Reset, then
U > Follow Active Quads.

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Both replies worked. Thanks!