"Follow Active (quads)" UV unwrap not working?

Maybe I’m completely missing something, but I haven’t been able to get “Follow Active (quads)” UV unwrapping to work in Blender 2.48a. I used it in older versions just fine, but in this one it seems to produce no effect - the object’s existing UV mapping remains unchanged. I even tried it with a default Grid object, just to be absolutely safe.

All the other UV unwrapping modes seem to be working perfectly. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

The same happened to me. It worked perfectly before, but now, on blender 2.48 this scripts doesn’t work, as some others like “click project from face”.

I hope I don’t remember this completely wrong, but I think the Follow Active used to work on whole mesh just by selecting one face. Now you have to select all the faces that needs to be unwrapped.

Still here, still haven’t found an answer. hhoffren, I do have all the faces selected. It just sits there not doing anything, for no good reason that I can discern.

I’m thinking this is genuinely broken in 2.48a. Is there any other way I might be able to achieve a similar result using one of the other unwrap methods? I’m seriously dead in the water with the project I’m working on…

I’m on 2.49a now and still experiencing the same problem. I’ve encountered some other people’s recent posts that would seem to indicate “Follow Active (quads)” is still working for them. What could be at issue here?