Follow Cursor. Drag and Drop.

This is a Drag and drop BGE resource. Press 1,2 or 3(not numpad) to add different objects. Sorry no screens, It wont let me take them. Here is the blend, try it out.Follow_Cursor.blend (630 KB)
Let me know what you think.
Thanks to Monsters custom cursor blend and script. Monster if you mind me using it in here i can take it off or something. Let me know.
And Right click drops.

I’ve tried your file…and some weird behaviour ( bug?) appears if I move the sphere into the dark area?!
And I guess that the “natural” way of “drag’n’drop” is with the same mouse button?!
And I can’t add more objects because numbered keys in Azerty keyboards need the Shift one too!
Thank you for sharing!

This is interesting. Lots of ideas came to mind as I played around with this. I will try doing some things with it and post here later on next week. Thanks for sharing! Very appreciated!

I do not mind :). Just use it. That is why I published it :D.

This is something that i’ve always wanted. Thanks for the share.