Follow path and game engine:

I have a question:
I make a circuit for the camera with curve, and active Follow Path (CTRL+P), now, how i active this moviment in game engine “P”??? %|

no idea??? :frowning:

Well I don’t think the game engine supports paths. Well I’m almost sure it can’t. I think you have to find another way of doing this. I created a while ago an ai that follows a path to simulate a train on a track. It runs very well, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for.

It was an ai detecting side walls, to enable invisible to thoe walls and not on the track. So it looked like it was following it’s track all the way. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can do anything like that except maybe with an ipo. I haven’t been playing around with the engine that much either, though. It’s easy to make the camera follow an object. You can use a camera actuator or parent the camera in different ways.

edit: Ha Ha, posted the same time as JD multi.

can i use the lattice, for camera: ALWAYS->AND->MOVIMENT and create the circuit with lattice???


Paths, latices, vertex keys, and animation effects (wave, particles, build,) do not work in the game engine.

The only kind of animations that work in the game engine are IPO for objects and Actions for armatures.

Have a Look here. There is a Tutorial (in german) how to convert a Path Animation to an IPO.