Follow Path ( Constant Motion )

I am trying to make a sphere follow a path and have constant motion around the path during animation without slowing at start or stop.

I am not a slacker, I tried to find a solution for two days now and I am pulling my hair out.

I tried going into the IPO editor to fix this, but there is nothing in the IPO that I can see, that will fix the issue.

: I created the path and then connected the two ends with the C key , created a sphere and added a constraint to the sphere ( OB: Curve ). Trying to get the sphere to animate around the path in a constant motion after start. Set key frames to 100. The Sphere starts slow and then speeds up and around frame 80 Its slows down til it stops. Starts over again…

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanx in advance.


You need to go to the IPO of the curve, and play with the speed curve.

Your sphere’s behavior seems strange.

This question may sound stranger…Is the “center” of the sphere in the center of the sphere?

What if you parent the sphere to an empty and then constrain the empty to the curve?

Does your curve do something dramatic at or around frame 80? Perhaps the constraint is really only constraining to a single axis, and it has to motor around the curve to make it to the end.

This tutorial may offer some insight.

Are you following a tutorial? If so, it may be outdated. Also you set keyframes to 100? The only thing you should be dealing with is pathlength. I’m not entirely sure where keyframes are even factoring into this.
Try this: deselect everything in 3d view, select your sphere, go into it’s ipo’s, hit a, and then hit x.

You’re also in the wrong forum. Common mistake, but hopefully a mod can move this.

I would just add a couple of position keys to the sphere (after adding ithe curve modifier) then set the curve type to extrapolate in the IPO window. Then it will just keep going forever no matter how long your aniamtion is.

You 100% must check the speed IPO of the path.
You may have other issues too, but paths automatically get speed IPOs that are curved (ease-in, ease-out) when they are created. For constant motion the speed IPO must be a straight line.

Check the latest