follow path constraint problem

ok so i have a problem with the animation of my camera following a path. the animation is 4770 frames long, and the camera moves thru the curve in like 100 frames. this not good. how do i get the camera to travel on the path start to end for the entire animation. also why is the camera not directly on top of the curve, how do i make it follow the curve 100% on the curve? is it screwing up becuase i have a track to constraint to an empty for a look point? oh and one more thing how can i edit its postion v time in IPO at several diferent points?

.blend file attached

im kinda just starting to run low on time, and i wanna get this project done, so i didnt set up a test scene to upload, with primatives and the same setting, so please dont steal my models

i think the file be too big ima try again

Select Camera and Alt-O to clear the origin and goto the first frame on the Path. Then in the Constraint select the FW and Track Up to get the camera alligned. If you’re using the default camera you may have to Alt-R to clear rotation and Ctrl-A to reset. I’ll come back and answer the speed problem when I’ve fed the dogs.


Select the Curve and open an IPO window. In the menu at the bottom header select “Path” and you’ll see “Speed” in the right-hand column. If it’s not written in white select Speed with LMB. Then Ctrl-LMB in the bottom-left corber on frame 0 at Y 00.00 and a speed curve appears. Now zoom out and Ctrl-LMB at frame 4770 at Y 1.00.

If you Alt-A in the 3D window now your camera will take 4770 frames to traverse the curve, but it will start slow and end slow. So goto Curve in the IPO window header and select Interpolation >> Linear.

If you want it to slow down and speed up you can add Keys with Ctrl-LMB at any point along the IPO Curve. If you Tab into Edit mode and grab a Key Point and drag it down it will slow down. If you raise it up it will speed up. When you get the hang of it you can go back and change the Interpolation back to Bezier and use the Handles on the Key Points to ease the speed between Keys.