Follow Path contraint doesn't work

(matt1) #1

hello everyone,
I have problems with the ‘follow Path’ constraint.

As you can see in the picture my object I want to move makes a blue line to the grid.

When I click on the button ‘animate path’ and set follow curve, my object moves and there is a blue line from my object to the startpoint of the curve.

I tried to set the origin to Center of mass, but the objects are referenced to the grid in some way…

Can anyone help?

(Clockmender) #2

Could be several things, first, the object and the curve MUST share a common origin - best is to select both and key CTRL+A => Location, so they are both origined at location 0,0,0. Second you may have scaled or rotated either object in Object mode, this you should not do unless you apply the scale and rotation - again select both objects, key CTRL+A => Rotation and Scale. Other than that, you must post a blend file to then post the link to your file here for us to look at.

Oh yes - Welcome to BA!

Cheers, Clock.

(Anthony Forwood) #3

It looks like a relationship line.