Follow Path Contraint Inherit Loc/rot

So i have a cube constrained to a path, and i want the cube to inherit the location and rotation of the path throughout the animation. However, the cube keeps it initial loc/rot.

I know the cube is parented to the path, however, is there any way for the cube to be constrained to the path, while inheriting the world coordinates of the point of the path the cube is on? (does that make sense?)



I’m unsure what your looking for. Your file has the cube rotating along the tangent of the curve. If you want the cube to merely follow the path and keep its rotation, uncheck ‘Follow Curve’.

Hope that helps.

i am looking for a way to make the location and rotation values of the cube change as it follows the path.

I want the cube to “inherit” the loc/rot from the point of the path it is on as world coordinates, not local.

I found a script called curve2ipo which turns motion along a path into an ipo curve for the cube, however, it is not for blender 2.5.

EDIT:See right now the cube should have

x=1.8 ish

z=45 ish

I guess without a script there is no way to do this.

Except if you don’t mind setting keyframes for Visual LocRot for every single frame… Set Visual LocRot as the keying set, then press ‘i’ & arrow alternative until all is keyframed

If you don’t mind the ‘i’ plus left arrow for every frame, here’s an example.

An empty with a Copy Transforms constraint is used for keying Visual LocRot, because with the actual cube it would offset every frame.


followpath_VisualLocRot.blend (460 KB)