Follow Path of Sine Curve


I am having an issue with assigning a mesh to follow a curve I made in illustrator. I like to use illustrator for curves because for me they are much easier to transform in illustrator.

I would appreciate any assistance on how to get my curves from illustrator into blender so I can use them as paths for animations.

I imported the curve as an svg.

thankssine curve.blend|attachment (751.8 KB)

I cannot understand what is your problem. You said that you already imported as an SVG. So you have the curve there already. OK.

So what is the problem then? Your file did not come.


My problem is that I cannot use the follow path constraint on the curve from illustrator. Also, the curve looks unlike the curves in blender. Instead of a single line it has extra vertices and faces. Not sure where I am making the mistakes.

followpath.blend (760.0 KB)


Select your curve, enter edit mode pressing TAB then select any point of your curve and go to “curve”, “toggle cyclic” or ALT C. Your curve will work just fine.

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Or just uncheck cyclic here:

That did the trick! Thanks you!

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