Follow path problem

Hello all,

I am having a problem - I am trying to create a planetary orbit with the proper orbital inclination and the individual planetary inclination. When I make the planet sphere and then set it to “Follow path” for the Orbit, it works fine. I can even incline the orbit to the proper angle.

But when I try to incline the planet in the y-angle, it simply flattens out and there is no way to fix that. If I have the planet in the center grid, and not “following path” it inclines fine. As soon as it is put on the orbit path, it flattens.

Thank you for any help.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas how to fix this…?

Are you going to supply your blend file so we can actually see what you have ?

off the top of my Head I would say … Create an Empty that follows the path… then Parent the the Planet to the Empty… while the Planet is child of the empty it should be freed of any constraints it has on Rotation and deformation because it now is animating and deforming in the “Space” of the “Empty” object…

That was exactly what did it - thank you very much for your help !

Cool … mark your thread as solved…