Follow Path producing wierd results...


When I’ve been using the Follow Path constraint to get a rigged armature to follow a route, I’ve been ending up with these weird offsets, with the model ending up a significant distance from the point where it’s supposed to be and then following a strange version of the path that it’s meant to follow.

Anyone tell me what I’m going wrong?

Ensure the origin of the curve and object following the curve are in the same plane. Ensure you have applied any scale or rotation.

Supply your blend file for more specific help

I think they’re in the same layer at least. I’m not sure how to apply scale or rotation [I keep forgetting shortcuts and the usermanual confuses me somewhat]. Blend file below. Trying to get Virus Spawn1 to follow Virus Path


Virus Animation8.blend (1.99 MB)

Blend file here. I’m not sure how to apply scale and rotation, but the origin seems to be wildly different to the geometry [which was moved in pose mode], no matter what I try…

I’ve been trying to reply but I think I’m too new to post links or attachments.

Simple questions: how do I apply transformations?
What do you mean by “same plane”?

Reading through the following tutorial may help: