follow path question

I’m having a vehical follow a path. I’ve added a follow path constraint and keyframed the evaluation time in the curve, which makes the vehicle follow the path over a given number of frames.

It’s all working great… but here is my first question

I would like for this vehicle to come to an abrubt stop at the end of the path (envision someone slamming on the brakes hard right at the end of the path)

Any suggestions on how this could be done while still using this type of animation (follow path) ?

My second question would be if there is not a way to the above…

Is there a way to set up the animation using this followpath technique, but then somehow apply the modifier or whateve so that it turns into a regular keyframe animation, but still having the smooth motion flow that this path technique gives?

You do not need a follow path constraint and a keyframed evaluation time. Make sure your car is not parented to the curve and add a follow path constraint to the car with the curve as the target. Select Follow Path and Fixed Position in the constraint panel and then keyframe the Offset. If you set the key interpolation mode of the f-curve to Linear the car should move and then stop at the last keyframe.

Hey AlanK… thanks a lot… I remember you helped with some good solutions when I was working on the “unmanned vengeance” video… looks like you did it again… thanks

Unfortunately in this vehicle I don’t have suspension built in the rig. The wheels are turned via drivers, and I’m using an empty (that only the front wheels are parented to) for turning rotation.

You solution gives me the ability to make it come to a stop with no easing… I’m assuming this will give me good control in maybe slowing down a little around curves and speeding up in more straightaways…do you have any other ideas on how I can make it look like he is really slamming on his brakes when he comes to that last keyframe, based on the current limited rig set up I have? The vehicle is not traveling really fast maybe about 20 mph.