follow path

hello! I’m having a problem with my new blender project,
I’ve got a fly and a curve and I’d like to make a follow path with it.
when I press ctrl+p follow path, my fly goes away and follows it from there! it’s annoying. how can I put the fly at the beggining of the curve?

if anyone could help me would be fantastic!

so if I got you right your fly is in different location than your path’s starting point.

objects does not “jump” to follow path, when animating. your fly should be close as possible to starting point of path that it is going to follow. If yous fly is higher than following path it will keep same distance to path all the time.

if your problem is compicated than that, then more experienced user might give you better ansver.

As I understand, you simply need to place the fly at the beginning of the curve.

Another issue could be that the anchor point of the fly is somewhere else and you have the option enabled that the fly rotates along the curve direction. Then, the rotation origin is of course the anchor point.

Alt-O (clear origin) on the fly.