Follow path

How do get a camera to follow a normal path in a given direction and also how do i set what speed the camera moves at? Thanks

You need to parent the camera to the path with CTRL+P. You may need to rotate the curve to get the proper direction though.

As for the path length and speed, you need to adjust your animation length in the render settings. This automatically converts the curve to the length of the animation. To set the speed, you need to open an IPO window and adjust the length of the path there to correspond to the length of the animation. You can then edit that IPO curve to speed up or slow down the camera between the start and end frames.


Check out this video tutorial:

Im pretty new to blender so how do i edit the curve to slow the camera through the frames which i have at 100 frames

In the IPO window, select the camera curve with the RMB, press TAB and grab the right HANDLE of the curve and move it to the right till it gets to
frame 100. You can hold down CTRL so it moves easier.