Follow the 2.5 Armature Developments

I’d like to begin logging additions to armatures in version 2.5, as they emerge. Right now, I think the core development team is concentrating on transferring existing armature functionality from version 2.4. I’ve noticed new additions to the builds over just a couple of days, so I’m sure this is somewhat of a priority to the team.

Does anyone know where to look, on a daily basis, for updates to 2.5 that relate to armatures? Especially any links that include comments on what has been changed or added.

Thank you,

Greg Smith

You can subscribe to SVN commits via RSS - and they’re all commented. Between that, and making a build, I’m unsure if there’s a need for logs.

That being said, would you be interested in participating in the wiki? There’s plenty of 2.5 to be documented.


I’m fairly convinced that what might help the most is a series of videos demonstrating, not only what is being developed and included in version 2.5, but also why and when and how these these things should be used.

Blender has always suffered from a kind of obscurity that has made it unwelcoming to newcomers. Version 2.5 is beginning to supply the means to overcome this stigma, and I’d like to help by demonstrating to new Blender users, through a simple, yet detailed series of videos, how Blender does things today.

If the Wiki has a place to link to these videos, then I would be happy to supply them.

Even though version 2.5 is not set in stone yet, there is enough that is functional and reasonably defined to start showing what works, as it is committed, and to show how and why to use these things.

Greg Smith


Here is the link I use to keep track of all the Blender source developments.

There are a number of video tours of Blender 2.5 current state just type Blender 2.5 tour into google :slight_smile:

Awesome! I share a similar attitude - jesterKing added video capability to the wiki- so please, screencast it up!
What’s best is to get a Youtube account, make the movies, and form a playlist like the one here :
, and it becomes a playlist like this one.