followed appending instructions, still having problems

I’ve gone into file, append, selected my scene and object and then clicked the append tab but whenever i hit ‘load library’ i get the prompt error: this is not a library?

What happens when you just hit the object with MMB?


it goes into a sub-menu which contains everything in the object’s file…mesh, lamps etc.

Here’s the lowdown. File >> Append >> Navigate to your file (name in White) and Leftclick it, then leftclick on ‘Object’ (White) and now you have a list of all the objects in that file (Black).

Now, if you want only one of those objects you can click on it with MiddleMouseButton (MMB). If you want more than one then Shft-RMB select them from the list (Purple) and then hit “Load Library” with LMB.


I’ve done what you say, maybe i’m being a complete idiot but i still can’t get it to work. I have had some success getting a few individual lamps and materials to import but to my great frustration i don’t know exactly how, my main problem now is that whenever i RMB on the headings…mesh, object and so on, they are highlighted purple but i get an error: ‘nothing indicated’, whenever i click on the load library tab. thanks for taking the time to help

it’s ok. i worked out the problem, i am an idiot, but i’ve finally copped on. thanks again

The libraries are all in Black writing. If you click on something that’s written in White it’s a Directory and you should only EVER leftclick it. Rightclicking and/or middleclicking will lead to errors!

Once you get to stuff written in Black you can (use a shortcut to load 1, single item by) MMB one item, or you can select multiple items with Shft-RMB, just the same as selecting multiple items in the rest of Blender. When they’re all highlited you can hit “Load Library”. So you only ever need to use LoadLibrary if you have selected multiple items.

Also important:
If you want to append something you can look at then you need to click on the (Written in White) “OBJECT” directory, and find your object and append it from there.
If you append from the (also written in white) “MESH” menu, then all you will be importing is a bunch of DATA… no Faces, no Edges and no Verts, just data which you’ll never find.