following a path.

I am sure this is simple - when you know how!

all i want to do is get either one long mesh or several meshes to follow a curving path.
at the moment they are rigid and don’t bend round the curves.
(the mesh has to move around the curve)


You have to apply the modifier “Curve” (F9 pannel) to your mesh, and then apply the constraint “Follow path” (F7 pannel) using the same curve.

here is the result.
the long mesh was straight.
then an ess shape with the first instruction CURVE
then after FOLLOW PATH it is as you see.
the pink showed up a white.
what am i missing!!


I started again with a simple path and mesh
this idea has the potential to work. see picture below.
but the mesh is totally distorted at other parts of the curve.
what now.
there must be one of the zillions of buttons set wrongly!


Sorry, my mistake. You don’t have to apply a “Track to”. You just have to apply an IPO in a especific axis.
Just apply the Curve modifier, now grab your mesh and test one axis (i’m im top view and i’m using the Y axis. Don’t forget to subdivide your mesh for it to bend better.

Does it work?

Something i forgot to say, it works on top of the curve if you apply a “center new” in your mesh and move it to the curve’s “center point”.

It’s easier that way. Here’s a file.

That does exactly what i want mine to do - thanks
now i have to figure out HOW you did it!
So far as soon as i move the curve - everything is chaos!
seems to be something to do with the center of the curve and mesh
if the site works see…

Pay atention to this things:

  • Mesh object as a Curve modifier.
  • Mesh center point is in the center of the mesh.
  • Mesh position is in the same place as Curve center point (see real position by entering editmode).
  • For a path in 3 dimensions, your curve as “3D” activated (in edit pannel “F9” you have Front, Back, and 3D activated).
  • In the Ipo keys just the Y key as changed, that means that i use a Loc key, advanced in time, translate mesh in Y, and apply new Loc key.Good luck!:slight_smile:

I read better your last post, are you also animating the curve?
If so, make the curve the parent of the mesh, and it will follow the curve everywere (like a good son, LOL).

It now works
Once the mesh is parented to the curve, then use the mesh ‘center’ which is still in the curve middle, to move the mesh to the starting point.
using I to insert at say frame 1, then again at the end frame move the mesh center - (now, away from the mesh) to position the mesh and I again.
watch out for those darned three dimensions!