Following curve path - constraints

I found this thread, with a very good snake animation, I downloaded the .blend, but every time I try and do the same, I have a problem… can someone help.

Here’s the thread:

Problem 1: I make a curve (path), and add an empty. When I add a constraint to the empty “follow path”, the empty changes position, about 4cm away from the curve, and follows it from there… I want it to stay on the path! What am I doing wrong?

Problem 2: When I add a constraint to a bone, for it to have the same location as the empty which should be following the curve, the bone just rotates, even before I have run the animation, and screws up the whole thing :mad:

Thanks in advance for any help, and if anyone wants to tell me to “rtfm”, please point me in the direction of a good “m”, because wiki doesn’t cover this very well :slight_smile:

Alt-G->Clear Location brings the empty to the path.
And you should also apply scale and rotation (Ctrl-A).

Likely a problem with the rotation of the objects. Ctrl-A should take care of that.