following path

i’v set a planet to follow a bezier circle and Alt-a show it goes around ounce the parh

is thre a way to make it go countinously around the path ?


This is how to make any animation repeat forever…

  • select the object
  • open up the ipo curve editor panel somewhere
  • press A until all the curves are selected
  • Curve menu > Extend mode > Cyclic

You need to add a cyclical Path IPO curve to your path (Bezier Curve) object.

How do I do that?

  • select your path object (in object mode) - your Bezier Circle,

  • open up an IPO Curve Window,

  • in the IPO type selector in the header, select ‘Path’ (it shows ‘Object’ by default),

  • you should see a ‘Speed’ option in the right column (it’s the only one there),

  • [Ctrl] + LMB click on the graph portion of the IPO Curve window at 1, 1 ;
    repeat the last step at x = last frame of animation, and y = 1,
    Press [n] and switch the Speed IPO Curve to edit mode to set the IPO curve points more precisely.

  • [Tab] out of Edit mode for the curve,

  • from the menu, select Curve > Extend mode > Cyclic.

I think that’s it. Let me know if you need any more details.