Following the Blender Conference 2007

Hi everybody,

I’m at the Blender Conference at the moment. To keep you guys at home updated a bit here are some links with reports, photos or videos.

I’ll keep this list updated with other links that are of use.


Thanks Goofster!

ILEoo and Hox at #blenderchat have worked together to provide us with a stream:

Use VLC 0.8.6c or Quicktime to watch.



When will the stream start ?

works in vlc for me, exept for the sound(not sure thoug, if there is supposed to be any sound…)

edit: got sound! :smiley:

I’m streaming over Wifi with an iSight and a powerbook g4… so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I’m also trying to save the stream, some sessions will be taped, others will not be, I hope to have enough diskpsace to save all the streams to make them available later on.

Edit it’s working, I’m going to try taping the stuff too
Also: 28 people… that all? :slight_smile:

works now, I’ve upgraded quicktime to the latest one, thanks!!

I’m watching the ‘rtsp://’ stream on quicktime 7.2 and there’s no sound, is there supposed to be sound, or do I need to update quicktime or something like that? thanks…

hello ton’s shirt!! :slight_smile:

@dreblen: I am using 7.2 too and sound is available, so its not the software, it may be the connection, a firewall (?), latency etc.

aha, yeah, you on irc? you should be… :stuck_out_tongue:

okay, I restarted quicktime and I have sound now (albeit choppy!)

@Felix_Kutt - you said that ‘sound is available’ for you, does this mean that it’s no choppy, or jsut that you have sound every now and then. I understand that a stream isn’t going to have perfect quality, but there’s more no-sound than there is sound, so I was wondering if it is my settings (you mentioned connection, firewall, latency), if anyone has this running smoothly, please say what your settings are. thanks…

Here’s a short guide to view the stream with VLC

  1. Run VLC
  2. File -> Open Network Stream…
  3. Choose on RTSP, and paste url to stream (rtsp:// in the text input.
  4. Press OK

not choppy here

allso make sure you check the:

Audio Menu >>> Audio Track

and Video Menu >>> Video Track

okay, I’m watching on VLC now and it is smoother, but it’s still choppy, do I need to change some settings?

Thanks for the stream!

If someone interested, here is the recording from the stream I made for Petunia robot show ( 43MB) ->

EDIT: youtube version —>


Thanks for the download link AntonG. VLC didn’t seem to want to work on my slower connection so I’ve missed out on the proceedings. Hopefully others will upload downloads of the other sessions too. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Hox at the Blender conference to setting up the feed. Thanks to ILEoo for allowing to use the neoarena project server to stream the video. The feed was of excellent quality!

the stream working for me, thanks Goofster :slight_smile:

Is the stream working today?