Fonden - Sketchbook

Here’s some stuff I fiddle around with, hopefully this will give me some motivation to work on finishing things up more often.

EDIT: Going to switch this post to reflect the most recent image for the thumbnail on the forum.

Thanks for looking,


And a few more:

More Tests:

I finally sat down and started to learn how to use HardOps, thanks to Masterxeon1001’s 009 tutorial videos (thanks for those!). It works so well for iterative design, I’m excited to get started on some actual projects that aren’t just tests. Here’s something I did the other day. Sort of a box with a face, but I didn’t think much about function. I did give it some handles too. Lots of work to do on my material and rendering, but I’m happy with the form for a quick 45 minute test.


It’s Been a while since I posted anything on here, thought I’d update the sketchbook with a couple models I’ve finished and one I’m currently working on. Here’s a low poly heart I made a few months ago:

I’ve also started modeling some industrial parts & pieces for practice. I started low poly again, but I’m trying to learn a little bit of subdivision modeling, so I’m working on a more realistic part right now. Here’s a Pressure Reducing Valve and a water heater though:

And here’s a few shots of a water heater I modeled the other day:

Here’s the WIP model of a ball valve that I’m working on right now. It’s been really great practice for problem solving connecting different shapes. I’m pretty much brand new to sub-d modeling, so it took me forever to figure out how to attach the vertical cylindrical shape to the main part. But it’s been satisfying to figure it out, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot of little tricks on how to problem solve edge flow issues in some cases. Plenty of work still to be done though!