Font along a curve + hollow font

Hi, i’m kinda new at this, but it’s been fun so far! But! I’ve ran into a problem. :frowning:

I made a text, 3D extruded it, softened the edges, then rendered it. That’s when i noticed that my font was an outline being thickened rather than a full solid font. Any reason why? I converted my font layer into a mesh as the previous attempt [converting it to curve] wasn’t fun to play around with. XD The font itself is solid. [not an outline]

Additionally, i wanted to curve it along a path. I figured that part out, but my curve is a little too long i suppose for the font, as it does not sit in the center of the curve but rather starts at the left side then progresses. Thus, it only makes it through about 3/4 of the curve before the word ends. How can i ‘slide’ my text along the path, or if possible, snap it to the center of the path?

here’s a screen shot, i’ve got a fairly large screen so beware!



you may notice that my font doesn’t align with the curve, that’s because i rotated it to pseudo the look i wanted.