Font for greek lettes

anybody has a free font for the greek characters like phi delta theta ect

unless it is already available on windows system
and how to use it ?


Not sure about using them in blender… but most windows programs like word etc. have a insert symbol option that allow you to use the “hidden characters” that are not standard to a keyboard. You can also use the character map to view them.

If you need to use these characters in blender you can always find a symbols font on a free font website like

jow do you use the characters maps
never used that before!
as i said i’m mostly ionterested in Greek alphabets

so probably it is there but with special characters but don’;t know how to get to them


Of the fonts listed on this page, I’ve used the Teknia, and it’s quite acceptable.

hey gave it a test and seems to work well
see pic

do you know another one for math symbols ?


which font did you use I am curious as to how to get the alt+xxxx letters into a text object… I can copy and paste them into the text editor, but when I convert text to object, I just get a question mark. I’m trying to use like the Times New Roman font, but with non-keyboard letters.

do you know another one for math symbols ? then

i simply loaded the font and foolowed the PDF file with the keyboard layout for the greek letters

there are no alternate key to press do j= ust press the letter needed on the keyboard!


for the math font - sorry but i’m using Vista on windows

so the unix wont work here !