font for math

is thre a way to have a font type that can reporduce the differente math greek symbols
small and large letters
i would like to reproduce some math formulas but i don’t to have to redo manually all the greek letters!

there must a easeir way to do it
appreciate any help on this


Don’t know the best way, but assuming you want the text as mesh, how about importing the text into Inkscape, convert to path, save as .svg, then import into Blender and convert to mesh.
It’s not perfect but it works. I imported these from Open Office Formula, but you can find them in ‘Character Map’ or ‘Special Characters’ too. ‘cmsy10’ has some interesting characters. Also you can get special characters with ALT GR + key in Linux and ALT Numpad in Windows. Here are more.


i tried the equation but it looks that the quantity of letters is limited

or i’m missing something - don’t know what!
see pic
There must be some free font with well made math symbols that you can load on windows and be able to acces them directly form blender that way it’s available to blender and it’s the fastest way to write in blender text!

Load a TTF font that includes the characters you need ( I choose Arial). Then use the Char panel to select the code page that has the character you need and click on it.

Thanks for the tip on the character panel … found it in edit mode!

firt thng is to add some text and to select it then go into edit mode and F9 then you’ll see the panel for font

not easy to find that panel

i want a TTF font that has well shaped maths symbols - the one included are more or less well built too thin ect… mind you there are coming with the system so you use it because there are there but i’d like if possible to fin one that has a nice rendreing and easy to read ounce loaded i blnder and when you want to print on paper it’s easily readable

idealy if there was an equivalent of the Equation Object in blende it would be fantastic to make Math equations with drawings for math demonstration!


i found a place with free fonts

that was somewhere in blendernation

in any case how do you get to the system font
do you have to import the font file where the blend file is located?


ounce you are in a specific font type
how do you select the math letters or special characters in blender file Texxt mode?


After reading your post, I decided to see what I could find. I actually got things working after some effort. First, I went to to get the fonts. So I get the fonts installed and they work fine in other applications, but not in Blender.

I need to convert from .ttf to .pfb format. Since I’m on a Windows machine, I go to to download ttf2pt1. I finally get everything working. It’s a command line script and you need to use the -b option to convert to .pfb format.

I guess there’s an easier way. From
just follow the link at “The Type1 versions are from AMS.” From there you can just download some packed .pfb files. Note that there was a warning about a bug on Macs.

i have ttf font other then windows and its working fine
don’t understand why your having problems
still how do you get the special characteres in blender when you have another font or one from windos’s own font system


I had problems with some ttf fonts in Blender. In some cases, they appeared to load okay when using the Load button on the Font Panel in Editing Context. However, when I checked the Char Panel and hit the Unicode Table Button, nothing was showing.

In Windows, fonts are probably at C:\WINDOWS\Fonts.

You don’t need to fool with .ttf fonts. They may load okay, but you still may not be able to use them. However, like I stated in a previous post, you can just download the .pfb fonts and put them anywhere in your file system. Then just use the Load button in the Font Panel to navigate to them. Then go to the Char Panel and just use what you need.

Some .ttf fonts work great in Blender. However, none of the math fonts that I checked worked at all. I would just use the .pfb files.

i forgot about that panel but now ok i see hoe to get to special characters

that’s great

but no i’ll try to transfert a copy of tff math if it exist and tri it in blender to see the text results
i also have to find a way to copy theses files ttf right vista is refusing to copy files because there are system files
i got to check how to change these atributes for access!

like arnold said i’ll be back