Font Issue (Better than the other threads)

Hi, i got a quick question :D. Whats the algorithim for the seismic restitution of a mediocre land mammal or whale? If you can answer that, that would be awesome, but i can’t get my color or size to work with my fonts. Maybe u guys are all in a gag, “lets pick on the new kid” :rolleyes: but comon, we’re mature right?

I just wanted to type a lot :smiley: So, is it my BBC code being off that i can’t use color or size in fonts? If so, how do i turn it on? Thx.

Hahahah, time to pick on the new kid! Come on, guys. Sago, Wu, theeth :wink:

No, just kidding.

Font color/size formatting in this forum is not enabled (and not allowed?). It used to be, but not that many seem to miss/need it.

You know, i (in huge font and in red color) REALLY MISS (back to normal) it. I can see (back to big font) loads (normal) of uses for it! ok, thx :smiley: