Font map.. any suggestions?

Ok, well back when i was a wee lad in junior high school I kinda invented my own language, Mostly just kinda came out on the fly, and I added some grammar structure, etc. Its evolved quite a lot since then, and I even made my own winamp(and then xmms) skin with it as a text. But here’s the kicker, I want to make a font out of it. It would be nice to use a vector based system but I’m a little unfamilar to making fonts. anyway. I’ve been wanting to use it in a couple of blender projects, because its got that cool otherworldly feel to it. At least i think so, It was inspired by the Standard galactic alphabet, but I didnt use any reference in the original writing, so, I dont think commander keen will get too mad at me :slight_smile: Anyway, here’s an example, Its my name.

Anyway, I’d really like to know if anyone knows how to make a font… Or at least can point me in the right direction, it would be cool to import this into blender.

thanks :slight_smile:

High Logic font creator worked well for me, it is shareware with a time limit though. I started with handwritten bitmaps and it imports them and ends up with TTF.

hmm. I’m gonna have to see if that runs under wine… Any F/OSS solutions. I run linux, and if i cant get it to work under wine. I figure its not worth running. :wink:

I’ve never used it, but there is FontForge.

I have used Macromedia Fontographer (not free) to make fonts in the past and it works well (for TrueType and Adobe PS1 fonts, it can’t do OpenType). Fontographer went undeveloped for years and was finally sold off around the time of the Adobe/Macromedia merger. If you can get a used copy, it is listed as working under Wine - but I’ve not tried it.

From the looks of it, FontForge should be able to do what you want. That said, making a font can be an incredible amount of work. (Getting all paths to align with consistent x-height, adjusting kerning, etc.) Luckily for you, the letterforms of your font seem to be composed of entirely straight lines, and the forms themselves are mostly rectangular, so you probably won’t need to spend ages manually creating kern pairs.

Fontforge is one of the main apps. You should be able to do what you want with that.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could try using metafont (or something like that, included in TeX distributions). Look at how the GNU LilyPond music typesetter ( created their Feta font (specially designed glyphs for nice-looking music). IIRC, they coded their fonts in metafont, then edit them or simply convert them into other formats using Fontforge. Han-Wen, the main coder of the project, has written a small utility that is also useful in tracing fonts (or something like that)…


interesting, thanks, for the info. I’ve never really done any font work, other than the tiny little bitmaps for winamp/xmms. I designed my font to be pretty much straight lines only, you’d be suprised how fast you can write characters like that too :slight_smile:

Funny, the example was the first thing I glanced at when I opened the thread, and I thought to myself “For some reason that reminds me of Commander Keen” :smiley:

I’m glad to see someone else creates languages… I’ve been trying for a while. Good luck with yours!

You can grab the galactic alphabet font on a lot of sites, might want to use it as a starting point…

fontforge is an excellent program, and if you have any trouble with the vector conversion, just do it externally with potrace or inkscape…

There’s also a TTF of the “Ancients” written language from Stargate-SG1… look familiar? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its very simmilar, though that looks like an excact copy of the SGA off of commander keen :slight_smile: I have the SGA, and i think i have that font too, but I’d rather have my own :slight_smile: I’m going to try to make the TTF font more simmilar to how i write it. The original font i made was just kinda off the top of my head… and some characters got repeated, some got pretty mangled and there was no order to them.

I want to go for a smoothe look, the ancients alphabet looks way too pixelly for me. I actually write this stuff. so, its not really pixelized.