Font question

Can someone tell me the why some font types appear like an open square
most of the dingbats don’t work well in Blender.


You can only use tru type (TTF) fonts in blender. That may be your problem.


I have a program that can make TTFs. if there is a particular shape that you need, put it up as a black and white image, and I’ll make it into a TTF.

well, they all are TTF treu type fonts so…

I have made some fonts of sci fi panels, architechtural elements, ornamental stuff,…etc. Stuff to use with blender. One of these days I’ll put them up so others can use them, as soon as I have filled out the various alphabets a bit more.

Actually, since Blender 2.28, you can use TrueType, PostScript level 1 and level 2, OpenType, and a few other obscure ones :slight_smile:

I think he meant .TTF fonts as opposed to .FON fonts, which are bitmap fonts, being the other (and first) type windows recognises.