Font Types in BGE

Hello all,

Is there any way to change the font of dynamic texts in BGE?

I want to make the numeric variables on the hud of my FPS look better (not just higher quality) by using a different font. All I can find are tutorials about changing quality and color. Unfortunately, I don’t know coding yet


click on the text object, then go to text properties:

Just tried it… That was a stupid easy fix haha I guess I didn’t look hard enough for a tutorial.

I remember running into a bug using this section a couple years back.

Thank you!

yeah, alot of the font settings are hit and miss. ive also found that fonts dont render quite right sometimes. different sizes mostly.

use a script and set text resolution with obj.resolution = 5

Would that resolve the size issue?

all the resolution doest is make the font look less pixelated. same as using an ortho-graphic camera with a really big scale. i use 64 and a 1 size font looks good.

yes (more letters)