Hi i am currerty working on a font for a club i belong to and i need to change alot of the font and i need to know how to take it from the reg stage to the verts with out doing each letter in modeling mode can some one please help me? i am using blender 2.62 64bit

here is a photo of what i am doing and the name is a trade mark


The way I would approach this is as follows using a BMesh build (either grab one from Graphicall or wait for release 2.63):
Chose a font that maches your the most closely. You might want to go looking on the web for free fonts. Then add the Texte (Add->Text). Finally you can convert the Text object into a mesh object, that you can then edit.

I would go the route of using curves to model these as close as possible first, then convert to mesh later after you work out if you will be extruding letters or whatever. Since there is such an organic feel too this, it depends on how closely you plan on following your design.

Another way of doing it would ofcourse be to create the actual font, I’m pretty sure there’s a free tool for that on the web.
Fonts are useully made by using vector shapes for each letter. After doing that you could add the font to your blender project folder and just type the text object, extrude it, and you’d be done.

Mind you that extruding a text often results in a pretty bloated mesh.