Fonts but What About More Fonts?

I like making animations and stilled pictures but i love making them with a title or something in the bottom corners. I use the text function for animations and for stilled i use an image editor and add it in later but is there any other type of fonts that can be downloaded or somehow plugged in so i can use them in my animations by just add>text then select the font out of a list? :wink:

If your talking about using more fonts out of your computer, then you can go to your fonts directory (assuming its windows it would be like c:/windows/fonts). Choose whatever font you want out of there.

If you want to download new fonts to place in those directories, then you can just search googles, there are hundreds of thousands of possibilities.

Thanks i couldn’t figure out if there were special fonts you had to download so that blender could use them for the text formatter! I am using Winblows so that is the directory. Thanks again! :wink:

A couple of versions ago, Blender added the capability of using TrueType fonts.

Another option is to download Elefont and use that for some text effects.

and some info:

Thanks all! :wink:

I worked several times in design places, so I needed often free fonts. My favourite ones are these :

(beware…I had some boss really angry, as the huge database browsing becomes easily addictive, as they’re very well presented in both of those, specially at :wink: (euh…hit the button “go english”, as it is in german. ) )

As with any free resource, if the zip includes a txt from the author allowing free and /or comercial use… much better. For comercial use, indeed, this is specially required.