fonts in blender

my question is concerning fonts in blender 2.45
just yesterday I tried to load an ADRIANN.TTF font in my project…
and it worked,
today i tried it again…and it now the text is squares???
what happened
why do some fonts that appear in my windows directory do this and others dont
and why are some fonts that are in the directory not appear when i try to load a new font in blender?
thanks in advance for any help or direction i get
i am really new to blender and im having alot of fun working with it, but the frustration of trying to find help, especially when i dont know what im looking for is a challenge. Ive looked at alot or resources and tutorials online, and it seems like there should be at least one documentation that covers everything…with a good search function. It gets agrivating to read a tutorial, or a help document, and half of it you have to search for more info to understand it. I realize there is a giant learning curve associated with Blender, and believe me im not lazy when it comes to reading, but dang it there is so much to learn, and absorb. ive run into so many roadblocks trying to accomplish what want to do and i am always questioning my basic understanding of the program or the program itself (bugs, bad install, etc,)
i wish there was a way to guage what ive learned, and where i need to improve, and where i need to go next…
anyway thatnks for being here, and trying to help a noob grasp this amazing program

I use fonts in blender daily at work and I’m afraid I haven’t ever had problems with fonts in 2.45. Fonts like anything else have different formats. Blender doesn’t recognize some less common formats. As long as you’re choosing fonts that have a blue(for me they’re blue anyway) box beside them, you should be good. That’s the only reason I can think of that might be causing your problem.

edit: TTF is a common font format /sigh. one thing I’ll often do if a font doesn’t appear correctly is to convert it into curves (ctrl+c) and adjust the curves so the font appears correctly. sometimes the curves are open ended or overlap in “unfortunate” places.

thanks for your response, but unfortunately it doesnt solve my problem…
the font im trying to use, adriann_TTF (along with many others ive encountered) all have a blue box next to them…and do come up in my scene but instead of being text…it is a series of squares…
therefore turning the text into a curve and a mesh is not going to work…my question is why did it work one day…and the next day it starts doing this?
am i missing some setting somewhere, or am i just having bad luck all around with this program…