Fonts in Ubuntu

I want to access the Ubuntu fonts to make text in Blender.

I can find the fonts, but the filenames are a bit obscure. With Gimp and the Font Manager I can see that the desired fonts are on my system. But what I can’t seem to find is something that tells me which file is Century Schoolbook, or URW Gothic etc. :spin: Is there a tool that translates the font name to a file name? So, knowing that I want Nimbus Sans, I can confidently find the right file? Or is there a button I missed in the Font Manager that tells what the file name is?

I found my answer in the Fonty Python Font Manager for Ubuntu. You get it via the Ubuntu Software Center. If shows you the Font, the Font Name and File name, and has a folder menu, so you know right where to go. :yes:

another simple trick is running the following command from a terminal

fc-cache -f -v


This command updates your fonts cache, which means that scans for fonts and update your system’s list of fonts, but being verbose it will output the path of all scanned directories.