Fonts - Where are my new ones

Needed an specific LCD style font, and downloaded it and installed Win 10. Blender 2.8 does not see it, but all the rest of my apps see it. Restarted Blender, Restarted computer, restarted toaster, nothing.

im guessing 2.8 fonts work like the 2.79 ones. correct me if im wrong.

blender doesnt read system fonts i dont think, you need to browse and open the font file as you would a image for use as a texture.

besides, this question would have done better to be posted in support section, else you get clueless people like me answering :wink:

You forgot to restart the microwave.


BUT SERIOUSLY, yeah, @Daedalus_MDW is correct. You need to open the font in Blender from the Text tab in the Font section.

Moved. Now you’ve answered it in the Support section. :slight_smile: