(ChooDaddy) #1

Where can I find some sites with Fonts that will work in Blender?

(Schlops) #2

The font you wanna use must be a TYPE1-Font, so search the web for TYPE1-Fonts. :wink:
Or use Elefont under windows to export your Text-Object as DXF and import it into blender. Elefont can handle TTF-fonts.

(haunt_house) #3

did anyone else experienced crashes or empty fonts when using typeone?

(Ringo7) #4

Some Type-1 fonts will not work in Blender. I’ve never had it crash with font selections but I’ve seen the “empty fonts” problem. Out of 30 Type-1 fonts here only 2 or 3 have not worked. All others are ok.

Try this link for a TrueType -> Type-1 font converter. Every one I converted so far with this utility has worked great in Blender.

(Jolly Gnome) #5

Bugger… is there a similar tool for Windows?

(DanielP) #6


They have many fonts, some of them with many styles. Most of them are available as T1. I didn’t try them in Blender, but i used them for Print, and i think they have good quality (most of them), so they should work.

Another site ist Typoasis (don’t have the link here).

Both sites have unique fonts not found on that “Mega-Font-Sites”, which have all the same freeware-fonts of poor quality.

But they are free, of course.



(slikdigit) #7

Wow! thanks DanielP. Looks like a great site.
Always on the lookout for new fonts.

(miniwink) #8

I was just wondering: how exactly do you load fonts into Blender? I tried moving the font files into the Blender folder, but that didn’t really work very well. I know I should have probably known this to begin with, but where are you supposed to learn it, anyway? :-?

(bob_dog) #9

Try this link for a great program that will let you use the rest of your TT fonts!


It produces DXF files of your extruded text that you can import into Blender.

(ray_theway) #10

[quote=“Jolly Gnome”]

Bugger… is there a similar tool for Windows?[/quote]
There is actually a direct port from the Unix version to Windows.