i got a little problem with my fonts …i am workin with linux an i want to use the trutype fonts i have installed…but when i want to load a font into my blender…it doesent appear …
i hope that u know what my prob is


U probably mean you can’t have a preview of fonts when you load them ? You can use some other system utility to preview font and remember the name of font, then load it into blender.

If you can’t use tt fonts there’s maybe something wrong with permissions (Blender supports ttf).

i dont have the prob with the preview. but i cant load the fonts into blender…
but i want to load ttf. a few weaks ago it worked…but now it doesnt work any more…
i think it was since i updated blender to 2.35 …has it smth to do with some settings i have to change?

That’s weird. ttf fonts work for me in 2.35b as they did in 2.34. I didn’t change any settings. I know, not much of help but atleast you know no special settings are required.