Food Design (1) - Laserscan + Reality Capture + B3D Cycles

Food Design - Example 1
Here is a first render example in Blender 3D Cycles 2.79

We made a Laserscan (Type: Go!Scan 20) with a res.: 0.1 mm.
Time for the scan: 4 min.

Software used: Reality Capture, Reconstruction (High Detail)
Time: Alignment + Reconstruction + Texturing: 13 min.

Difficulty level in this example : the skin has an extreme glossy
surface through a transparent sugar glaze. We reached this level
through a higher resolution and high res maps (16k)

Textures revised in Quixel, B2M and Xnormal (8k, 16k and 32k)
Complete scene has 1.6GB

JLE Studios Auckland


Well done!keep it up!

good quality, i think that coudl be reached with only phtogrammetry, with a high quality capture set up.