Food is coming...

Today scene, inspired my kitchen.

Blender internal / Postprocess

coooool :o
woops i mean hot!

Dude! You are a machine! Do you sleep? :smiley:

Is that flame particles, or some sort of polygon object?

Very nice texture work and use of DoF. One of my students is working on a stovetop as part of the set for his final project. I’m going to make sure he sees this.

Keep it up!

Wow!!! Thats what i call photorealism :slight_smile:

Well done!

The only thing I don’t like are the top and bottom borders, and the text-font in them… but i guess thats personal taste.

Nice :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Needs heat distortion though. Awesome render though, keep up the good work, Yafray?


I sleep very good and long. :slight_smile:
I’m now ill then I’m at home… a lot of time for Blender

-This flame was add in 2d editor.

jackblack:no yafray, but internal renderer. only good own textures, basic lighting and small postprocess(fake dof, flame, contrast)

wah_tak: text is for me o.k. :slight_smile:

Yeah, photorealism (heat distortion coming soon … may be?).

I like specially the flame. I think it’s internal (with compositor ?).


sry for my bad english I understand now thing >> heat distortion…
I can try something with it.

I tested real flame on kitchener, but don’t have any heat distortion (in air) on this flame level. maybe long time for flame, maybe…

al:internal renderer without compositor

Hmm… Strange, I assumed it would. Maybe on a higher level it would.

jackblack:maybe very very little on this low level as my scene

Did you use any AO? It’s not grainy.

jackblack:No, two spots and one hemi…

where did you get the textures
and was AA 8 or higher?

Amazing textures :o

I´ve been studying this image for a long time now (more than I usually
look at images…) and it looks very realistic except the DOF because
the only area that´s in focus is the center, and not the sides in the centers.

I´m somewhat puzzled why you blurred out so many things when you
have so many details in the scene anyway

What really amazes me is that you have worked so hard on the textures
that you´ve accounted for the flame-tracks both on the upper disc
and the cylinder under as well, puzzling…because you have really
matched this well.

You´ve even simulated the FLASH coming from a camera hitting
the various metal parts, even in the furthest areas, while having a light
above it with shadows so dark that i makes no sense for the scene if
lights indeed came from a flash, simulated or otherwise.


Could we see a wire?

anicator:I made this textures by camera. AA was 8 and technique Mitch, seting filter of textures was 0.100 (for sharper textures).

Can you post a wire in-blender shot?
It would be nice to see the model(if it’s real %| sorry)

anicator:I thinked textures was take photo from real kitchen. my poor english :-?

Wire is here

Ah - the background models is a photo, it makes more sense now.
Thanks for posting the wire to clarify.

Still - nice textures !

JoOngle:For me is important final picture no techniques…and good feel from my picture.