Food Models

A game project I am working on requires me to model about 100 or so food items. Here are the first 10 i made tonight:

Items: Burger, fries, nuggets, big mac, fried chicken, eggs, soup, onion rings, grilled cheese, steak sandwich

all items are under 50 polys and each item has one 32x32 texture. They will be seen from far away so they don’t need to be very high poly etc.

I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this, and even though I didn’t include any blends (the blends have lots more attached I don’t want to release), I decided on resources. Move this if you feel it should be moved.

EDIT: alpha sorting glitch on the nuggets…i know. i’ve fixed it

Well, you should post this in the “works in progress, game demos and finished games” forum or in the “game engine support and discussion” forum. Here you should help the community with something, a blend or useful program.
P.S.-Those look pretty yummy:D Try some more examples: bread, canned fish and a knife(or something), maybe some salad, a cucumber, tomato, banana, mushrooms, grass or wheat:D, some fruits-try an apple, etc… I guess you need to model all of the most known food types…Good luck!!!:cool:

nice… very inspiring… one of my many games ideas involves food preparation so this is cool reference… thanks for posting…

Well, I have the list of food items that need to be modeled. They’re all basically full meals, so youre not going to find ‘a banana’ or something.

Great stuff!!!